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Football Manager 2020 | Bristol City vs Barnsley - Season 1 League Match 15

  Saturday 2nd November 2019 A narrow win but otherwise respectable performance in the cup game against Charlton prompts me to expect a win against relegation bound Barnsley.   Our injury tally is still too high, for my liking, so I've been looking at our younger players to find some prospects capable of stepping into the breach when needed. One such is Vincent Harper who I've added to the senior roster and included as a sub for this upcoming match. There is also very encouraging news from my Loan Managers that many of our loaned players are doing very well and even, as here, picking up awards! According to the 'experts' we should return from our trip to Barnsley with a solid win. Even so, on the advice of my staff, bearing in mind the players we have available, we going in with a  positive 4-2-3-1 formations today  Ready? Let's kick off!

Football Manager 2020 | Bristol City vs Charlton - Season 1 Carabao Cup Round 4

Tuesday 29th October 2019 It seems like only yesterday when we last beat Charlton Athletic and here we are again. This time they play host and our team has some very important players out of action due to injury. That said, the squad is in very good spirits and have the skills necessary to take us through to the next round. We still have numerous key players out with injuries but our medical team tell me that a couple of players are about ready to play again Palmer is a very effective midfielder so if he's ready I think we'll try and play him but I think we'll give Pereira a little more recovery time. Whatever our team on the day, the informed opinion is that we can, once again, best our Championship opposition     To shake things up a little, I've decided that we'll start this cup match in one of our alternate formations and give our newly acquired goalkeeper Mark Gillespie another match. Ready? Let's kick off!

Football Manager 2020 | Bristol City vs Wigan - Season 1 League Match 14

Sunday 27th October 2019 Will the team be able to replicate the good result we had against Charlton in our next home match against mid-table Wigan Athletic? We still have numerous key players out with injuries but our results are sound so the generally opinion is that we can best the somewhat inconsistent Wigan Athletic   But before the match, I have agreed to attend a press conference, I think it goes reasonably well. I've decided to keep the same formation and team on the pitch as we had against Charlton with the exception of the injured Palmer who will be replaced by Andreas Weimann. Ready? Let's kick off!

Football Manager 2020 | Bristol City vs Charlton - Season 1 League Match 13

Wednesday 23rd October 2019 At home today, facing a team that has not had the best of results lately and my team are in good spirits. Let's hope the high morale and the enthusiasm of a home crowd translate to good performances on the pitch ... every result counts! The press has marked us as favourites Of the three formations the team are training, we're going to stick with our usual 4-1-4-1, which we're so far best suited to Several of our key players are out due to injury but we can still put up a pretty solid squad Ready? Let's kick off!

Football Manager 2020: Bristol City Season 1

Just in case there is an audience for FM2020 highlights videos beyond my typical YouTube channel subscriber, it occurred to me (several weeks late, admittedly!) that I could post each match highlights video here on this blog! So, here's the first couple of months worth of matches, I will endeavour to publish the others here in a more timely manner. 😎 To work through the whole series so far, you can go directly to the YouTube playlist: Football Manager 2020: Bristol City Season 1 . Or, if for some reason you'd want to watch them from here just keep on scrolling! Either way, if you would like to know more about the team, my tactics, my decisions, please just ask. Though, as my earlier, historical, post explains I actually know nothing about football and most choices I make in this game are either arbitrary or just following the advice of my club staff. 😕 League Match 1 - Leeds United League Match 2 - Birmingham City Carabao Cup Rnd 1 - Northampton Town League Match 3 -Queen Par

Ajaxpost Plays August 2020 Giveaway

Completed! This draw has now been completed and the winners announced: Thank you to everyone who took part! Terms and Conditions General The Ajaxpost Plays August 2020 Giveaway ( the Giveaway ) is a lottery run exclusively by the Ajaxpost Plays YouTube Channel ( Ajaxpost Plays ) YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and any other platforms used to advertise or promote the Giveaway do not sponsor the Giveaway and are in no way responsible or liable for any aspect of the operation of the Giveaway TWO winners may each select ONE of FIVE rewards made available for the Giveaway : The first drawn winner will have the option to choose any ONE of the five rewards The second drawn winner will have the option to choose any ONE of the remaining four rewards Prizes are not exchangeable for any other cash or non-cash benefit If a selected winner does not claim their reward within five days of the result being announced