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Who Is AjaxPost Plays?

So, Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Adrian, and back at the end of 2015 I created a YouTube channel to share my Sims 3 Lets Plays.

To keep things 'simple' I used my Sims 3 ID 'ajaxpost'* and initially named my channel after my Sims alter-ego, Adam Slade. It sorta makes sense if you don't think about it too hard!

However, having discovered I rather enjoyed creating videos for YouTube I added more games to the channel and in 2019, realising that The Sims 3 content had become a small part of what I was uploading, I dropped the Adam Slade and became just "Ajaxpost Plays". 😄

Beyond the PC games I'm also a great fan of theatre, real ale, and 'old' music that I remember from my youth (check out my theatre and music playlists for some of my favourites). So this blog is likely to contain references to new YouTube content that I upload, beery stuff and some of the theatre I see.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and various Discord servers (where my ID is just 'Ajax').

I also have a Tumblr and used to hang out on the Sims forums but, sadly, don't visit those places much these days.😢

If you fancy saying "hi" in any of these other places, just use the links in the sidebar.

* Why 'Ajaxpost'? 

Many (many, many) years ago when I was a kid for a while my nickname at school was 'Ajax' - possibly inspired by the cleaning product that was widely advertised at the time.

Then many, many, years later when I started to hang out on the Internet and didn't want to use my real name I remembered that nickname so I called myself "Ajax" instead. Not sure why I added 'post' but I started to use it quite frequently and especially on forums like that for The Sims 3. Consequently, when I eventually started creating content, mostly for TS3, I just carried on using my forum ID, "Ajaxpost". Et voilà!



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