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Football Manager 2020 | Bristol City vs Charlton - Season 1 Carabao Cup Round 4

Tuesday 29th October 2019

It seems like only yesterday when we last beat Charlton Athletic and here we are again. This time they play host and our team has some very important players out of action due to injury. That said, the squad is in very good spirits and have the skills necessary to take us through to the next round.

We still have numerous key players out with injuries but our medical team tell me that a couple of players are about ready to play again
Palmer is a very effective midfielder so if he's ready I think we'll try and play him but I think we'll give Pereira a little more recovery time.
Whatever our team on the day, the informed opinion is that we can, once again, best our Championship opposition  
To shake things up a little, I've decided that we'll start this cup match in one of our alternate formations and give our newly acquired goalkeeper Mark Gillespie another match.

Ready? Let's kick off!

The Result

Not a bad game at all, we had the lion's share of possession and plenty of a chances in front of goal. Disappointed that we didn't convert more of those chances but, at the end of the day, it only takes one goal for a win.
And this win is significant in that we are now through to the quarter finals and rather likely to play Premier League opposition. How far can we go this year?


However. Once again, our midfield squad is hit with another injury, this time one of our most impressive players this season, Han-Noah Massengo who will be out of action for several weeks now.
Oh, it appears there was a well-known figure watching this game...



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