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Football (Manager) and Me

I have never seriously followed football or, indeed, any sport. My parents were not participants and at best infrequent watchers. Sure, we would indulge in the Saturday afternoon TV ritual of World of Sport for some horse racing or wrestling - that's the proper British style of wrestling combat, not the American show-business nonsense. Rounded off, of course with the run-down of the football results, mainly to see if we had won anything on the pools ! Through my teens I became a little more aware of football, though in three quite specific ways. Firstly there was that good feeling when someone from your own area became successful, I was always rather pleased to hear when a local team had some success which, to be honest, didn't happen very often as Berkshire was not home to many world class teams! Secondly, footballers were starting to become celebrities. Certainly a world away from the mega-stardom that they would come to be afforded some years later but back then the

Ajaxpost Plays July 2020 Giveaway

Completed! This draw has now been completed and the winners announced: Thank you to everyone who took part! Terms and Conditions General The Ajaxpost Plays July 2020 Giveaway ( the Giveaway ) is a lottery run exclusively by the Ajaxpost Plays YouTube Channel ( Ajaxpost Plays ) YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and any other platforms used to advertise or promote the Giveaway do not sponsor the Giveaway and are in no way responsible or liable for any aspect of the operation of the Giveaway TWO winners may each select ONE of FIVE rewards made available for the Giveaway : The first drawn winner will have the option to choose any ONE of the five rewards The second drawn winner will have the option to choose any ONE of the remaining four rewards Prizes are not exchangeable for any other cash or non-cash benefit If a selected winner does not claim their reward within five days of the result being announced or